About us


Our mission is to offer well thought out, smart, durable, high quality products, designed and manufactured by ourselves, for limited range of highly capable adventure bikes. 


Our vision is to become integral part of adventure motorcycling community, by offering high quality products that will flawlessly serve many riders on their journeys and adventures on two wheels, throughout the World.   

How we do it

We design and manufacture parts only for bikes we ride. That way, we are able to offer highly customized and focused products, with exceptional functionality. This also gives us an opportunity to constantly evolve our products - as soon as we figure out something can be improved, we do it. 

We don't chase profit margins. We are small company and we are trying to build a name for ourselves. So we try to achieve highest quality in every aspect of our work. We use only high quality hardware, certified materials, we use top-of-the-line IGP powders and we have rigorous quality control. This don't come cheap. On the other hand, we are trying to keep prices on reasonable level. So, our profit margins are not that large, but we strongly believe this is the right way. 

We manufacture in-house. We have our own workshop and garage, purposely built for this. We have two high speed CNC mills/routers, CNC press brake and ton of tools. This allows us to use some unorthodox production strategies, which are leading to sophisticated products - we manufacture our racks and aluminum products on mills, which is more time consuming than laser or water jet cutting, but final product is far superior, with smooth chamfered edges. We only outsource lathe work (spacers) and powder coating.  

We ride and support community. We are riding adventure bikes for over a decade. Usually exploring areas in Serbia, often going for longer rides (Montenegro, Greece, Alps) and participating in events like KTM Adventure Rally. We ride with small group of friends, who participate in product development.  We also enjoy being part of adventure motorcycling community, like Advrider forum or TET project. Our workshop is 50 km from Serbian TET trail and we offer our place to all travelers who needs a place to do maintenance on their bikes or just to leave a bike on a safe place while they chill in Belgrade. 

Perun moto and KTM Twins

KTM Twins, our valued partners, published a post about Perun moto in their Road to dirt blog. I believe it represents us well - check here!

Who we are

Perun moto is very small company. And we tend to keep it that way. We do have our job titles, but we do everything together, in organized manner, which is resulting in a fluent and harmonic workflow. 

Nikola Maletic, Owner 

Viktor Milanov, Chief CNC Operator

Milena Vasic, Sales manager

Nebojsa Nisevic, CNC Operator 

Where are we located

Our workshop is located in Belgrade, Serbia, Europe. Address is Djordja Pavlovica 7. Our working hours are 8.00 - 16.00, Monday - Friday. Visits are welcome - please contact us before visiting, we may be out riding.