Ducati DesertX GPS R12 mount

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Compatibility - fits only Ducati DesertX.


Updated design - better GPS unit placement and zip-tie slots for easy cable management. 
  • Billet aluminum parts - hard anodized CNC milled aircraft grade aluminum,
  • Stainless steel parts - powder coated stainless steel,
  • Zip-tie slots - for easy cable management 
  • Anti-rotational 12 mm bar - CNC milled 12 mm bar with anti-rotational feature,
  • Height adjustable 12 mm bar - approx. 40 mm of usable up-down travel,
  • Strong and sturdy - CAD designed and off-road tested,
  • Formed threads - M5 and M6 threads are formed, not cut, for added durability,
  • Stainless steel hardware - all hardware is stainless steel.

Works great with our R12 Bar clamp AMPS.


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